Q1. What inspires you to start Kho-Kho?

Q2. As in England Cricket is the most popular one. What you say

Q3. When you started Kho-Kho?

Q4. How Kho-Kho tournaments are organised in England?

Q5. How players are motivated towards Kho-Kho in your country?

Q6. What do you say the fitness of Kho-Kho Player in comparison to other games?

Q7. In which city or districts Kho-Kho is played in England? Is there any club system?

Q8. What are the near-future plans of England Federation for Kho-Kho?

Q9. Kho-Kho is a game of real Discipline. What do you say about this?

Q10. What are the best moments in your planning career?

Q11. How u would like to connect more with other players and

Q12. Do you hear about Voice of International player world popular Kho-Kho